• Based on my contribution to the 3kb GFX compo by DHS that was ranked 1st ! Partly finished at BZH Party 2 using the Amiga of Sylicon/Intense (merci!).
    Finally released as a remote contribution at the 8 bit GFX compo of Flag'2000 (28-29-30 August 2000) and ranked second !
  • Date : January 2000 (3kb version) and March 2000 (full version)
  • Format : 320*200/105 colours
  • Obviously not a copy. I just got the idea from a postcard by Jean-Vincent Sénac. The title is ripped from a wonderful gfx by Judge Miguel =)

  • Below is the original contribution to the 3kb GFX compo (16 colors). Actually this is a slighty improved version I did after the deadline when I discovered that I could gain some bytes using PNG instead of GIF :)

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