Pictures for Mental Respirator

  • Dalton contacted me in the early month of 2005 to inform me Lai and him were working on a new Gameboy Color demo for the next Breakpoint party and asked me if I was feeling like giving them a hand with the graphics. Of course I said yes, as the GBC is a nice little piece of hardware and Dalton and Lai both experienced coders on the platform. I decided to opt for a realistic style this time as I think it looks more impressive on a limited hardware, so all the pictures are copies of photographs, namely portraits of Aishwarya Rai and Christina Ricci. The last is actually a conversion of a ZX Spectrum picture I did almost 2 years ago.
  • Date : March 2005
  • Format : 160*144/8 palettes of 4 colours, using only one 4-colour palette for each 8x8 blocks. the picture of Christina Ricci's face only use four 4-colour palettes.
  • Copy of photographies for all of them.
  • Check the demo here! I advice using VisualBoy Advance which is a very accurate emulator, or even better the real hardware (I use a Flash2Advance cartridge with a GB Bridge).

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