• I started this pic especially for Outline 2004 held in Lievelde, Holland, and it was completed relatively quickly compared to my earlier pictures - pressure, probably ;)
    Anyway I'm quite happy with the result. For the technically-minded, it was mostly done with Dpaint2 and Grafx2, then finished at the party place (mainly the background) using Dpaint4 on an A1200 (thanks again to STS for lending me a monitor!). Palette and some details using Synthetic Arts on my trusty STE!
    Ranked 1st in the 16-colour gfx compo at Outline 2004.
  • Date : April 2004
  • Format : 320*200/16 colours, STF palette (512 colours only)
  • Copy from a tasteful postcard :)
  • Download the original Degas Elite PI1 picture here
preview of the steps
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