Pets' Pub
  • That one was started a loooong time ago (almost 3 years) but the work progression has been really chaotic, as it was often left untouched for months or even a year. I finally decided it was time to release it at Outline 2004, which was a good motivation to complete it. I reckon there are still parts that could be improved, but I'm fed up with it, and moreover I now find the theme dull :)
    If I remember correctly it was started using Dpaint 4, then most of the work was done with Dpaint 2/Grafx 2 on PC. Finally some minor tweaks at the party place with Dpaint 4 again.
    Ranked 1st in the true-colour gfx compo at Outline 2004 ; only 2 entries, but still... ;)
  • Date : June 2001 - April 2004 :-/
  • Format : 320*256/256 colours (167 used)
  • No copy

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