Oric Only

  • Made for Quintessential, a demo for Oric (8-bit machines that were quite popular in the UK and France in the early eighties) by Defence Force, released at VIP4 in July 2002.
  • Date : july 2002
  • Format : 240*200/8 colours (fixed palette : BLACK, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, MAGENTA, CYAN and WHITE)... The Oric graphic mode is quite tricky: no more than 2 colors on a line of 6 consecutive pixels, and if you want to change the colours you're using, a line of 6 pixels has to be blank (one colour).
  • The first one is copied from a CD Cover of an obscure French punkrock band. Second one is a conversion of an old picture by me, which was back then copied from a photography.
  • You can get the demo on Pouet.net, that's a really nice piece of code considering the insane limitations of the machine. The emulator is included in the archive.
  • If you are really into primary colours, you may want to have a look on the Oric gallery Defence Force set up on their website... And there's plenty to read on the rest of the site as well.

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