Pictures for "Space Waste"

  • Some pictures I did for 'Space Waste' a Gameboy Color demo by Octarine that was released at Breakpoint 2003. The demo was ranked 5 in the console competition, which is disappointing considering there were some poor demos ranking higher... but hey, that's how the voting is in demo parties :)
  • Date : april 2003
  • Format : 160*144/56(?) colours in theory BUT each 8x8 blocks should only use one 4-colour palette (which limits mixing the colours A LOT)
  • The pictures are shown how they are supposed to look on a gameboy screen. It was quite tedious to try and guess how the coulours will behave on the real hardware - for instance white becomes a light grey but a light grey remains a light grey! And colours in general appear a lot duller on the real thing.
  • both no copy
  • You can get the demo here. Works fine with VisualBoyAdvance and probably some other emulators, but as always, nothing beats the real thing!

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