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Mem - ingame
Released on 17 February 2002.

My first release for Creators is also the first release ever of the Atari division of Creators! This time I made a small memory-like game, where the goal is to find the pairs of similar symbols as fast as possible and with less tries as possible. This kind of game is even more famous now it is included on many mobile phones :)
The game has been almost ready for a couple of months, but I had trouble to compile it until I understood where was the mistake...
This should work on any ST and probably Falcon.

Download here (35 kb)


Released at Error in Line 2001 in Dresden, Germany

I made this little intro to enter the intro competition at the Atari-party Error in Line 2001...Don't expect any "real effect" as usual but I tried to stress on design instead.
Please also note that the graphics used in the intro are original (ie no-copy) this time, not heavily inspired by other drawings - but I guess you noticed that in my previous releases :)
The whole intro is -again- 100% made with GFA Basic. I used a great chiptune by Tao/Cream.
Sentry Packer used for optimal compatibility (any ST -preferably STe- or Falcon).

Download here (38 kb)


Released 16 december 2000 as an "unofficial" STNICCC 2000 contribution

The doomed was originally planned for LTP4, but failed to be completed there (nothing uncommon so far).
Then I tried to release as a remote contribution at Unconventional 2000 but it never reached the party place due to e-mail problems.
The last attempt was a release at STNICCC 2000, but disk problems did not allow it...

Finally as I'm tired with this shit, here it is ! 100% GFA basic, chiptune once again composed by Iso/Sentry. Should work on every ST and maybe even on Falcon...

Download here (24 kb)


Released 29 june 2000

This one is more or less a fake release, containing no real effects as usual, but featuring Spice Girls pictures !
Learn how the infamous Brits came to demoscene and released their first demo :)
100% GFA as usual, the tune was this time made by Housemania...
Sentry Packer used for optimal compatibility.

Download here (52 kb)


Kittykat is a small intro (23 kb) released at BZH Party 2 (11-12 march 2000), coded just for fun in GFA Basic and featuring a tune by Iso/Sentry...No real code, just happy coding :)
It was only tested on a 1040 STe, but should work on any Atari system including Falcon (and even ST emulators) as I now use Sentry Packer instead of Atomik Packer.

Download here (23 kb)

Lombric menu screen

Lombric in-game screen
Lombric is a tron-like game with neat gfx (at least better than the tron-clones I have seen on ST - except Ze Trace by Typhoon) and up to 3 players at the same time (1 and 2 player(s) modes are also available)...

The game was coded in GFA Basic with the help of Trantic/Depression for the sound system.

Lombric was tested on 1040 STE and 520 STF. It should work on any Atari as Sentry Packer is used now instead of Atomik Packer (which made it crash on Falcon). It is possible to change the speed of the game for fast machines.

Game size is only 100 kb so I guess it's worth the download !!

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