Update! 2 new pictures in the gallery.
Another 2-year update! New picture in the gallery, made for 2011 Outline 2009.
New picture in the gallery, made for and at Outline 2009.
Finally completed my picture I started for Outline 2006, check the gallery!
Back from Outline 2007 in the Netherlands. Two new pictures in the gallery!
Two updates in less than a fortnight, can you believe that? I've just done some major rework on my Papillon Gameboy Color picture... check it out!
Quick update after the usual few months of silence. I went to Outline 2006 in Holland (great party), where I released a few unfinished things: Lavalamp, a STE intro made with Tobé/MJJ, and Battersea, a 16-colour picture which finished first, woohoo! I'm still working on it and will include it in the gallery as soon as it's finished. Before that I did a 3d scene for the Supernatural demo by Evolution for Falcon 060. I also pixelled the interface for warptYMe the latest YM Rockerz musicdisk. The picture is in the gallery.
It's been months since I last updated my homepage. What's up then? Well believe it or not, but quite a few things happened... Uprough's Amiga chip-disk, Uh-Oh! Even More Hits For Kids LP, has finally been released, check it out! The ST game Pooz has also seen the light of day, more than one and half year after STS and I started working on it with Cooper at Outline 2004. I also took part in the megademo celebrating the 20th birthday of the Atari ST with a small screen made together with Cooper and DMA-SC. It's a pity we didn't start working a bit earlier because it feels really rushed... I also gave a hand to Reservoir Gods to finish Clogged Up, an addictive puzzle game like they know how to make. I also entered a quick ZX picture in the Antique Toy competition this summer, it's almost becoming a habit! What's next? Easter should bring us two Atari-friendly demo parties, namely Outline 2006 in Holland and Noise Party in Slovakia. I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to attend either of them, but I'll do my best to enter something in the competitions!
It's been a long time with no update, but I've just included new pictures in the gallery. The first one was used in Cosmotro, a small ST intro made for the DHS online compo. The three next ones were made for Mental Respirator, Phantasy's newest Gameboy Color demo, which was released at Breakpoint. As a sidenote, Pooz, the ST game I'm working on with Cooper and STS, was ranked 1st in the game compo of the Outline party and should be released shortly (sort of). YM Rockerz released Tymewarp, their latest music disk, a few months ago and I was in charge of the graphics as usual. Finally I joined the very talented Up Rough team earlier this year. Expect results pretty soon!
New ZX picture in the gallery, released for Antique Toy online competition.
I uploaded the steps of my gfx "Cirrhose", as well as the original picture. Check it out!
I'm back from Outline 2004 in Holland, which was a really cool party. I released two pictures there, in the 16-colour and true colour compos, and both ranked first! I also contributed to a 96k ST intro made at the party place, the so-called 'Frenchies intro'. A while ago I also made a quick logo for the Spectrum demogroup Brainwave.
Another new Spectrum picture in the gallery. I'm proud to announce I joined Checkpoint, producers of some of the most asskicking modern Atari ST demos!
There's a new picture in the gallery. I also added a new "utilities" section to the links page, refering to freeware programs I use on a regular basis and I am happy with. There's only a few of them on the list at the moment, but I will add more soon.
So what's up? I added some pictures made for hardcore platforms (Oric and GBC!) in the gallery. Some of these were used for Space Waste, a GBC demo released at Breakpoint during the Easter weekend. Error In Line, one of the best Atari-only demoparty just happened at the same period, you can get the releases on DHS homepage, especially Moving into Darkness which really kicks ass, a kind of newskool demo on ST :) ... The third issue of the great ST music-disk serie by Ym Rockerz was also released, once again I did the interface, get it on their homepage! The interface was supposed to be totally different, I actually made a whole Art Nouveau picture but as I wasn't happy with the result and out of time, I decided to use an old gfx for it... Finally I just bought some "backup tools" for GBC/GBA so now I can watch the demos on the real hardware!
Finally some news! Industry's PalmOS game Monsta get released. You can download a demo and buy the full version here. I added 2 new pictures in the gallery. I also decided to leave Creators, my ST group...
Some screenshots of Monsta, the Palm OS game I am pixelling some graphics for, have just been released, check them here. I also added a scan of the original of my picture 1890.
the "download" page has been revamped, it now includes demo of the month and game of the month sections.
Defence Force just released Quintessential, a new demo for Oric computers (an 8 bit machine from the eighties) at the VIP4, and I was glad to make some pictures for it. Be sure to check it out ! An archive with an Oric emulator for Windows is available here.
I now work as a Gameboy Advance graphic artist for a British company called Eurocom. Since 1995, the scene has been my only school for computer graphics, so thank you the scene!
In the meantime, Spinning Wheels, the second issue of the YM Rockerz musicdisks serie was released, be sure to listen to the excellent tunes included! You can download it on the YM Rockerz website.
At the beginning of the month, I joined the legendary Amiga group Spaceballs, let's hope it will be successful :) I'm still a member of the other groups (JFF, Creators and Industry), so I guess that's mean I have to be efficient now :)
I'm back from Synthesis Party 2, where JFF released an OpenGL intro called Softworld (ranked second) and I released a 16 colour GFX that won also the second place !
I released Mem, a new game for Atari ST. It's also the first release of the Atari division of Creators.
I finally added the final versions of Folk and Le Museum in the download section.
Finally an update (with cosmetic improvements of the site)... The JFF Convention 2 is over for 4 weeks now, you can download all the releases on the party website or on The party saw the first Industry release I'm involved in, a chip pack called Her Numbness ! I also added 2 new gfx in the gallery.
I updated the layout of the gallery part, it's more compact now. I also added a new gfx made for DHS summer online compo.
I joined the group Industry on Amiga, we will hopefully release some stuff pretty soon !
I updated the links for the "cool intros" in the download section. Everything should work now.
Back from VIP3 ! JFF released a little demo, the webtro. My gfx for the 16-colour compo was ranked second and Benji got a second place as well in the MP3 compo...

Work in progress... Chi va piano, va sano.
JFF intro: We started working on something that should be in the same style then our intro "Softworld"... Tentative release date: 2024
Lynx game: A small game for the not-so-small Atari handheld console. Project with Cooper and his sister.

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