Pouë a HUGE demos index for PC/Amiga/ST... A must see !
Orange Juice the demoscene information center
Scenia A demoscene portal with a large email/homepage database the biggest scene archive
GFX Zone THE site focusing on scene graphics your resource for synthetic tunes
Planet-d free web space for your scene-related pages !
Computer Demos - The Story So Far useful if you don't really know what demos are a big archive for Amiga releases
A.D.A Amiga Demoscene Archive, a great site with the best Amiga demos from 1990 to today (screenshots included). A must see !
Back to the roots large archive of Amiga demos and games for emulation
DHS Homepage the largest source of information related to the Atari scene
ST Scene Genealogy Interesting information about the scene groups on Atari ST throughout the years
ST-Art a page dedicated to the greatest Atari graphicians (mostly 320x200x16colors pics !)
Demotopia the Spectrum demo directory
ZpiXel a site dedicated to ZX spectrum gfx. Some of the pictures really kick ass!
The Thomson Demoscene Page what you always wanted to know about the Thomson scene :)
Scene groups
Dentifrice Dentifrice post-mortem homepage (in French)
Defence Force Oric demos !
Checkpoint my current group on the Atari ST
dEUS one of my favourite group ! And the best Greek one ever :)
Digital Murder cool demos !
Eclipse the homepage of that cool group
Just For Fun my group on PC
Industry my other amiga group, now doing PalmOS games
Knights the homepage of our friends from Knights
Melon Dezign wonderful Flash demos !!!
Revelation A group with a good attitude... but dead now :(
Sector One ST/Falcon group
Spaceballs Legendary Amiga group I joined in 2002
Up Rough Really stylish Amiga group I'm a member of
YM Rockerz Atari chip musicians united !
Scene people
Baah/ARM's Tech Acorn coder
BENJi/JFF the ska band of Benji/JFF
Boz/Bomb some of the best traced pictures of the scene here...
Cleaner a nice looking site where you can get all the stuff he worked on (including loads of ASCII/ANSI)
Cyclone/Abyss one of my all-time favourite graphician !!
Gelmir wonderful 8 bit stuff there too
Goupil Brother get his games, demos and utils here.
Jailbird Good C64 pics !
Leon/Silicon scene graphics in the right way
Mermaid/Creators cool oldschool pics there too
ST Survivor /Loud! a ST graphician and editor of Alive (former Undercover) diskmag...also a hardrock fan :)
Zaac/Mankind One of the best graphician of the scene...
Zden/Satori the guy who coded the soooo great 64k "Poison" and demo "(E)"...available on his site with lots of other stuff
Zone/Marshals Great pics there, both 8 and 24 bit
Alternative computing
Petersplus enhanced and boosted ZX Spectrum clone! great site for C64 news news, forums, atari-related search engine, free subdomain names and free email address
The secret weapons of Commodore ! cool site about secret computer projects by Commodore (C65 and so on !)
RIP Commodore Nice article from BYTE about the rise and the fall of Commodore
Video games
Mobygames Huge database about video games on all platforms (the of games!)
Paragon 5 gameboy sceners and game developpers (company founded by Pyromaniac!)
The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page some hard-to-find pics (and info) about some "strange" videogame systems and software
EAGB Advance news on gameboy stuff
IGN Pocket news on handheld systems (mostly GBA)
Jeff Frohwein's Page technical info and unofficial games on gameboy
Brainchild Design Swedish freeware game-makers
XnView Image viewer, quite similar to ACDSee, except it supports hundreds of image formats, has more features and is free!
Blender A free 3d package, offering modeling, rendering and animation features, all in a tiny program. It seems to be surprisingly good once you get used to the interface.
Firefox A browser based on Mozilla, but much faster and smaller. The browser I use everyday.
Pegasus Mail Efficient e-mail client.
AVG Antivirus Antivirus system
CDex MP3/OGG ripper
BéèLESKA Ska band staring Benji/JFF (in French)
The Froggle Homepage (Puma Noir/TFP) hip-hop, mods, tribal art, homemade comics :)
Message site from Slovakia about alternative electronic art !!
Burning Heart Records Quality independant punk/hardcore/ska label from Sweden
Fat Wreck Chords One of the best punk rock labels
NOFX punk rock
Rancid punk rock
Kraftwerk Boing Boom Tschak (Flash 5 needed)

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