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 My fave demo of January 2003
Smokebomb by Ozone (Amiga AGA)

One of my favourite demo ever. Everything is nearly perfect in this prod... awesome design and synch of course, but a great music as well and above all, originality! For once the traditional demo effects are used with a purpose...

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 My fave demo of December 2002
Borg by Rez/Eclipse^TPOLM (Windows)

Released in March 2002. Really cool demo made with the script language Alambik. Very original and stylish, great music (quite obvious with Rez involved), good synch, and even funny at a moment... and the whole has a distinct Amiga feeling, which is gooood!
A must-see! Moreover it's less than 1 Mb, what are you waiting for? :)

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 My fave demo of November 2002
Hocus Pocus by 3ss (Windows/MS-Dos)

Quite special stuff. I find the music so-so but the cool thing is its synching with the effects which is really good, with a precision you can only achieve when using a good old module. Effects are mostly nice, design is alright and, okay the dancer animation looks a bit cheesy, but who cares? :)
There's a Win32 version and a DOS version, so everyone should be happy...

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 My fave demo of October 2002
Love Creation Mk2 - Urban Love by INF (MS-Dos)

Released at The Party 1997, this DOS intro should work with Windows but unfortunately you need a GUS to hear the music. Try with GUSemu maybe...
It has a very well-done black and white urban style, with that asian touch you can expect from a group like INF :)
It's impressive to see the amount of graphics they managed to include in the 64 kb of the intro, there's even a small video of a dancing girl...

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 My fave demo of September 2002
Our Planet Of Cheese by TPOLM (MS-Dos)

This 1997 intro is particularly interesting because it was made entirely (code, gfx and music) by one guy, namely Croaker/TPOLM. Sure Croaker is first a musician/graphician so don't expect brainblasting effects, but there's a very coherent feeling for the whole.
It was made for MS DOS but might work with Windows :)

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 My fave demo of August 2002
Nonstop by DCS (Amiga AGA)

Released at The Party 1999, here comes an awesome 64k intro with a nice Kraftwerk-like style. The music and the visuals really make the whole coherent and that karaoke part is fun :)
The only thing I'm not too fond of are those environment-mapping blobs at the beginning that are very slow on my 030.

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 My fave game of January 2003
Klass of 99 (MS-Dos/GBA)

I just discovered this enhanced version of the famous Skool Daze on ZX Spectrum. Though I never played the original, I have to admit the game seems to be really original. It takes place in a typical English school, where as a trouble-making pupil, your aim is to make your school report disappear...
The MS-Dos seems to work alright on Win98, I saw there are some tips on the developper's website to make it run on Win2k/XP, and anyway there's a GBA version as well!

Richard Jordan's website

 My fave game of December 2002
Tetris by Alexei Pajitnov (MS-Dos)

As a tribute to what I consider the best game ever (at least its Nintendo port on the Game Boy), here comes the 1988 PC-version, in all its low-res textmode glory :)
Surprisingly it's still fully playable on modern PCs, even if the controls are not the best you can imagine, as the arrows keys weren't standard at that time...

Leech it! (15 kb)

 My fave game of November 2002
Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount by tAAt (Windows)

Released at Assembly 2002. Now this is a good concept for a game! The goal is to push a guy in the stairs in order to cause him as much damage as possible... of course you have to find a way to make his head and other sensitive parts hit the stairs as hard as possible :)
Quite happy with any 600+ Mhz CPU and a graphic card with fast OpenGL support.

Leech it on Pouet

 My fave game of October 2002
Godpey (any ST or Falcon)

A game by Reservoir Gods, released in 2002 !
It's a clone of the successful WonderSwan game "Gunpey", but I never played the original. Your goal in the game is very simple, you have to make lines with the tiles that come from the bottom of the screen. The concept is close to Tetris' one, and like Tetris, it's very addictive :)
Reservoir Gods did a good job as usual, with lots of wacky details (like the difficulty levels shown as various vegetables) and attention to details.
Should work on most emulators, but I only tested it with Steem

Leech it on Reservoir Gods homepage

 My fave game of September 2002
Jump'n Bump (MS-Dos)

A game by Brainchild Design.
Don't be fooled by the cute style of the game. Your goal is to kill your fellow rabbits as many times as possible by jumping on them to make them bloodily explode :)
Up to 4 players can join the butchery and as the gameplay is very simple (3 keys), casual gamers will like it !
It's a MS DOS game but it should run on Windows.

Leech it on Brainchild Design homepage

 My fave game of August 2002
Teenagent (MS-Dos)

Maybe you remember that shareware adventure game originally released in 1995 or something, the good news is that its Polish authors, Metropolis Sofware, give now the full version for free.
The game is a classic point and click game à la LucasArts, and even if one can whine about the graphics not being state-of-the-art, the most important in that kind of games is the story and the dialogues, the latter are the most hilarious I have seen in a game for long!
It is a DOS game and as it requires quite a lot of free memory, you might have to dig out an old bootdisk :)

Leech it on Metropolis Software homepage

Other cool oldschool games (DOS)
Boom 30 kb little Bomberman clone. Up to 3 players ! No sound
C Dogs 663 kb Gauntlet/Alien Breed clone...2 players, nice gfx
Chickens 2 88 kb the goal is to kill innocent chickens : what I have always wanted to do ! (Brainchild Design)
Jump'n'bump 346 kb rabbits-deathmatch game, up to 3 players, cute gfx (Brainchild Design)
Mario 59 kb clone of Super Mario on SNES, but without any sound :(
Mario Brothers 44 kb A clone of the old Atari 2600 game (2 players)
Pump 178 kb 2-player fastcompo game by FBS : totally stupid but fun !
Quadnet 279 kb 3d action game...hard to describe, try it (Brainchild Design)
Super F1 Duel 60 kb preview of a 2 players Mario Kart clone made by Karma/RVL^Psylo ! no sound :(
Soccer 78 kb 2 players soccer game with really simple rules (Brainchild Design)
Splat 32k 34 kb Cannon Fodder in 32kb !
Tetripz 95 kb Tetris + drugs :) destroy your eyes !!!
Viper 94 kb Remake of Amiga game 'Viper' (kind of "circular" tron), excellent with friends (up to 6 players on the same keyboard !)
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